Our Pastor

Pastor Tyrone Gray

My wife and I started the ministry in October 2005 in the living room of a home. It has since gone out into different regions, places and homes- all with the same focus in mind: Jesus. It’s Jesus in homes, Jesus in regions, Jesus in families. What an honor and I have been able to do it and see it. The road has been long and many times hard, but it is a joy and His presence is the reward. We all do this because we contend to see God’s Spirit tangible in services with signs and wonders, miracles and encounters. We contend to see lives changed by the presence of Jesus. I personally enjoy watching our hearts merge with His, until our hearts are no more and only He remains.

I would love to meet you and your family. Come and visit us and open your hearts to meeting Jesus like never before.

God Bless,

Pastor T.Gray