Kingdom International was founded by Tyrone and Terri Gray in 2016. It’s birth came from intense desire to see the gospel spread to nations, and lives changed at the message of Jesus Christ.
Our first trip to Colombia was in 2013, and it overwhelmed our hearts. We fell in love with the people, and immediately knew God was giving us an opportunity to partner with Him for Colombia.
Since then, we have visited and held meetings every year, and have fallen deeper in love with the people and the country.

We waited for the Lord to give us a blueprint and gather people around us, that would make His heart for Colombia, a felt reality.

We are in these days, at this very moment.
We feel strongly to begin with prayer. We come to Colombia only to serve, and prayer is that catalyst.
The first priority is establishing a prayer hub. A place where prayer is of the utmost and highest importance – a communion with Him that does not cease. We feel this will undergird any work the Lord is preparing.

While our immediate goal is prayer, our long term goal is education and evangelism. We will do this through a school of evangelism, so that we put to hands and feet all that has been stirring these past years. Evangelism is not a format, it’s a way of life, so that all are reached with the gospel; spreading the insatiable love God has for His people.

God so loves the world that He gave… and that is the foundation we stand on.

Join us! Only a family will get this done! We need you!

Pastor Tyrone Gray and family

Current Mission

Manizales Colombia sml
JUNE 3rd -10th, 2019